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Protect Plant and Machinery with Hard Wearing Products from Ultrimax - Prime and Paint with Confidence

Plant and machinery costs can represent a significant proportion of your budget, so making sure that they’re protected from wear, tear and the elements can ask a lot of the protective layers of paint you apply.

With Ultrimax products, you can cover your bases from primer to top coat with our reliable and durable full range from specialist brands, such as Jotun and as well as Ultrimax-branded products.  

Our selection includes powder coating and lacquers as well as floor paint. Choose from heat resistant and intumescent paint for steel, also our Ultrimax SGX paint is ideal for containers and skips. 

spray paints for easy application for hard to reach areas

The Ultrimax range includes some of the market’s best brands to ensure that you’ll only need one supplier for plant and machinery spray paint and primers. Ultrithane 31 is an anti-corrosive polyurethane paint that gives a high gloss in just one coat – perfect for quick application.  A polyamine cured epoxy mastic coating that can be applied in sub-zero conditions.  The Jotun Jotamastic 90 is easily applied to both galvanised and stainless steel, working well on surfaces that are hard to prepare or that may operate in water. Available in a range of colours, as with many of our products, the Ultrimax 1 gives you high gloss finish with just one quick-drying application. Use on bare surfaces or previously painted surfaces to get the same high shine, hard gloss finish.

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Consumables and Equipment

At Ultrimax, we’ve sourced and stock many paints, however we also have the consumables that you need to get the job done. This includes spray booth filters, sanding discs, thinners and cleaning rags

Ensuring personal safety is paramount within an industrial paint shop or during the application of specialised coatings. We provide an extensive selection of protective gear, encompassing overalls, gloves and respiratory protection. 

With a variety spray equipment and spray guns such as electric spray pumps, pressure pots and gravity spray guns that perfectly match your needs, Ultrimax will see you through your paint job from prepare and prime to dry and done.

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