Colormax® Arrives In Ireland

Welcome to Ultrimax’s wood and industrial paint colour matching service, powered by Colormax®. We understand the critical importance of precision colour matching for our customers, whether you’re in joinery or industrial painting. At Ultrimax, we’ve revolutionised our colour-matching system with the latest Colormax® technology ensuring that you receive the perfect colour every time.


So, how does our Colormax® service work? It’s a straightforward process for our customers. Simply provide us with a sample of the colour you need to match by visiting our trade desk in Antrim or sending it via post. This sample could be a panel, a piece of wood, a swatch, or even piece of fabric. Once we have your sample, we utilise a spectrophotometer gun to scan the colour, sending precise data to our advanced formulation software. Operating with a tolerance of just 0.3, our system ensures incredibly close matches to your desired colour.


Customised Solutions for Every Project

If any adjustments are needed, our skilled paint technicians can fine-tune the tint either through auto-matching with our machine or manually matching for optimal control over colorant usage. With our system, we can now draw down and spray out a sample from the original colour match, creating a physical record for future reference. This means you can say goodbye to ‘off’ colour matches when reordering.

Therefore, if a joiner requires a regular supply of a specific high street branded colour, we can scan the colour into our system and maintain consistent matching each time.

colour matching software

Read more about how we were able to help Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture with their colour matching projects. Trust Colormax® for your wood coatings and industrial paint colour matching needs, and experience the convenience, accuracy, and reliability that our advanced technology brings to your projects. Contact us today to learn more about our Colormax® service and how it can elevate your painting process.