Ultrimax’s Partnership with Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture

Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture is a renowned kitchen design and manufacturing company based in Coagh, Northern Ireland. With more than five decades of craftsmanship expertise they bring an exclusive selection of custom kitchens and accompanying spaces, extending to utility rooms, media rooms, and boot rooms, catering to homeowners throughout the UK & Ireland.

The partnership: Ultrimax & Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture

Ultrimax immediately recognised the unique needs of Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture, Ultrimax proposed a comprehensive solution tailored to address their specific paint shop requirements.  Initially starting with providing paint and colour matching, Ultrimax used their expertise to identify a need for also a range of different consumables.  Now one year on, Ultrimax still works closely with Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired furniture to streamline their processes, provide them with technical advice, high quality paint colour matching and ensuring that all products are delivered in time to avoid any paint shop delays

Key Highlights:

  1. High-Quality Paint Supply:

    Ultrimax initially provided Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture with a consistent supply of high-quality paints, wood stains and paint colour matching (Colormax) tailored to their specific requirements. By offering a wide range of premium paint products as well as MDF primers and acid catalysed lacquers, Ultrimax ensured that Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture, had access to the right coatings for their diverse range bespoke projects.

  2. Expansion to Consumables:

    Building on the success of their paint supply partnership, Ultrimax expanded their offerings to include a comprehensive range of consumables essential to Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furnitures’ manufacturing processes. This included items such as spray booth filters, sanding discs and overalls. Furthermore, to help with the reduction of VOC levels, drive down costs and increase sustainability Ultrimax have also introduced solvent recycling into their paint shop.

  3. Reliable Delivery Schedule:

    Understanding the importance of timely deliveries in a fast-paced manufacturing environment, Ultrimax delivers products to Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture 2 – 3 times per week. This consistent delivery schedule allows for maximum output and efficiency and minimising downtime.


Barney, Head Sprayer at Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture, said, “We at Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture have been consistently impressed with the exceptional services provided by Ultrimax. Their commitment to delivering top-notch paint solutions has greatly contributed to the success of our projects.

Ultrimax’s paint quality stands out, ensuring a flawless finish that meets our high standards. We appreciate their unwavering consistency in delivering accurate colours every time, providing a reliable foundation for our design vision.

The consumables provided by Ultrimax are of unparalleled quality, enhancing the overall application process. The durability and performance of their products have significantly streamlined our operations, showcasing their dedication to supplying only the best.

What sets Ultrimax apart is their comprehensive paint support package. From expert advice on product selection to timely deliveries, they offer a holistic solution that goes beyond just providing materials. This level of commitment has fostered a strong and enduring partnership, making Ultrimax our go-to choice for all our coating needs.”


Ultrimax’s Impact on Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture

The partnership between Ultrimax and Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture continues to help elevate and ensure the smooth running of projects. Ultrimax’s technical advice, premium paints to essential consumables, has resulted in improved product quality, streamlined production processes, and cost savings.

Barry Stewart, Ultrimax Antrim Depot Manager states, “Ultrimax is proud to support Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture. Our partnership highlights our dedication to providing high quality products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration”.

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