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Discover Excellence in Wood Finishing in Ireland with Ultrimax: Unveiling Wood Coatings, Stains, and Water-Based Paints

Elevate your wood finishing projects and joinery with Ultrimax wood coatings, your ultimate destination for professional wood finishes. So, whether you’re creating bespoke kitchen units or fitted wardrobes our comprehensive range introduces a spectrum of products, including lacquers, wood paints, wood stains, and water-based paints, designed to bring innovation and quality to every application.

Our coatings act as a protective layer, preserving the integrity of the wood while providing a stunning wood finish paint. Whether you’re looking for a clear acrylic finish, a durable PU coating or a specialised MDF primer, we have the perfect solution for your wood finishing needs.

Water-Based Paints: Innovation In Wood Coating Technology

Ultrimax brings water-based paints to Ireland that combine eco-friendliness with high-performance. Experience the benefits of water-based wood paints with Sayerlack or our own Ultrimax brand Aquimax, offering versatility and ease of use. From water based tinted primers to water-based topcoats, our paints provide a protective and vibrant coating for wood.

Sayerlack is renowned Italian brand and their water-based paints are ideal for interior and exterior wood applications, they offer options for the perfect blend of sustainability and cutting-edge technology.

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Colormax®: Precision Colour Matching Every Time

When it comes to paint colour matching, Colormax® is dedicated to providing our customers in Ireland with precision and consistency every time. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, our in-house paint technicians are equipped to match any colour accurately. Our advanced system not only ensures precise colour matching but also enables us to draw down a sample of paint, allowing us to maintain a comprehensive record of colours for future orders.

Read more about our colour matching service with Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture or contact us today with any questions about colour matching and discover how Colormax® can meet your painting needs with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

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