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Discover Premium Industrial Spray Equipment And Paint Shop Supplies At Ultrimax

Welcome to Ultrimax, your go-to destination for premium industrial spray equipment and comprehensive paint shop supplies in Ireland. Elevate your spray projects with our extensive range, featuring top-notch tools and brands, including Iwata, Wagner, ABAC and Graco to meet all your painting needs.

Embark on your spray-painting journey by choosing the right equipment. Ultrimax offers a leading selection of air compressors, electric spray pumps, pneumatic spray pumps and pressure pots for painting, ensuring you kickstart your projects with precision and efficiency.

Efficient Solutions For Precision Painting

When it comes to spray guns, we offer a variety of different options including gravity guns, air assisted and airless spray guns along with the accessories that are needed including spray tips. 

In addition, we also stock electrostatic spray guns when dealing with conductive surfaces. These innovative tools excel in reducing paint wastage and achieving precise paint wrapping results, ensuring your projects meet the highest standards of quality. This coating method uses a spray gun to positively charge electric particles while the workpiece is grounded, or negatively charged.

With a variety of different paint spray guns on the market, we can help you make the right choice for your paint shop, depending on the paint you are using whether it be solvent based or water based paints. 

Whether you’re starting a new paint job or upgrading your equipment, our team in Antrim and Dublin have everything you need. Explore our extensive range of products,  our Total Paint Shop Support Team are on hand to answer questions, contact us for more information or download our latest brochure to see our full range of products. 

Our Spray Equipment Range Of products include:

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