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For over 50 years, Ultrimax has been the go-to source for painting and coating professionals, not only in the UK but now also in Ireland. Beyond our expertise in industrial applications, we extend our commitment to excellence in wood finishing coatings and supplies, ensuring a comprehensive range that caters to your diverse needs.

Explore Ultrimax’s extensive selection of wood finishing products, including base coats, lacquers, and paints meticulously designed to safeguard and enhance your wooden furniture. Whether you’re in need of a premium paint for kitchens or work surfaces, Ultrimax stands out as your one stop shop.

Our Commitment to Excellence in Wood Finishing

Our selection also includes water-based lacquers and base coat products from Sayerlack. If fire protection is a concern for your wooden surfaces, explore our range of Euro Fire and Sayerlack fire retardant wood coatings.

Sayerlack is a premium wood coating brand manufactured in Italy and takes centre stage in providing high-quality solutions. The water-based range from Sayerlack, renowned for its high build and durability leads our best-selling wood finishes.

Our collection of joinery products also includes Ultrimax Wood Stains in colours such Midnight Dream and Jurassic Grey, contact us for a sample.  We also offer our customers Colormax® which is our  precision colour matching, where our paint technician uses state of the art technology to match to any colour.

Trust Ultrimax located in Antrim and Dublin for your wood finishing journey, where innovation meets quality. Our Total Paint Shop Support commit to excellence ensuring that you have access to a comprehensive range of products, tools and equipment. Contact us for more information or download our brochure to see our full range of products. 

Our wood coating range includes:

Acid Catalysed Coatings & Lacquers

Polyurethane Paints

Water Based Coatings

Fire Retardant Paint For Wood

Exterior Joinery Coatings

Ultrimax wood stain samples

Wood Stains

Bestselling Brands

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