Primed For Peak Performance – Steel Fabrication Spray paint and consumables in Ireland

Ultrimax Steel Fabrication products give you everything that you could need to take your industrial spray painting job from preparation to top coat. Ultrimax has a wide range of products that deliver the finish you need, whether you’re adding an extra layer of protection through lacquering or taking on a challenging bespoke steel project. 

Our product ranges have been built around your demands and we match the quantity of products on offer with the quality, working with brands like Jotun alongside our own Ultrimax products. 

Paints: Easy Application for Hard Wearing Paints

Ultrimax has partnered with the best brands on the market to deliver a one-stop shop for steel fabrication painting and preparation. The Ultrimax 1 brings together paint and prep in an acrylic-based primer and topcoat in one. With easy application, the Ultrimax 1 dries fast, to a high gloss finish and can be used on steel fabrications. The Ultrimax 1 can also colour matched and be tinted with a variety of different RAL and British Standard colours.  Within the Ultrimax  direct to metal range, we also have Ultrimax Black Eggshell, a primer ideal galvanised and aluminium surfaces – easy to apply with a brush, roller or sprayer.  Ultrithane 31 provides superb weathering with a high gloss finish in just one coat. An anti-corrosive polyurethane paint, it can be applied directly to metal, saving time and money. The Jotun Jotamastic 90 is the ideal option for pre-prepared carbon, galvanised and stainless steel as well as concrete and surfaces that have aged. 

Ultrimax Consumables

At Ultrimax, we offer a wide array consumables and spray equipment necessary to complete your projects. This includes items such as cleaning wipes, mixing wipes, spray booth filters and respiratory protection. 

In addition, we offer a range of paint thinners, certain thinners are tailored for cleaning brushes, guns, and equipment, while others excel when paired with oil-based paints, stains, and varnishes to deliver an exceptional finish. Mastering the selection of the appropriate thinner for each situation is essential for achieving a high-quality paint job.