solvent recycling demo day

Ultrimax and Unic – How Recycled Thinners Drive Down Costs and Increase Sustainability

The team at Ultrimax were delighted to welcome a host of spray paint industry customers from across Ireland to participate in our Solvent Recycling Demo, on Thursday 26th January at Ultrimax’s Antrim Depot.

Led by Anthony Plant, of Unic International, attendees were able to see, first hand, how solvent thinners are recycled within the Unic unit. The machine dramatically reduces VOC consumption and paint shop costs. A presentation set the scene with a hands-on demo showing in greater depth how the process actually works.  Anthony was able to showcase the benefits that can come along with solvent recycling at this level.

Although Ultrimax is just entering the market in both Ireland and Northern Ireland, the brand is supported by over 50 years of industry knowledge.  Ultrimax work with a network of highly experienced paint shop businesses, that range from joinery and steel fabrication to plant and machinery.

The Ultrimax team, including Giles Hoare, Managing Director, Andrew Craig, Business Development Manager in Ireland, Barry Stewart, Antrim Depot Manager, and Ian McKnight, Production Manager, connected with customers to explore how a Solvent Recycling machine reduces both paint shop costs and VOC consumption.

Solvent Thinners – The Issues

Strict environmental regulations have created an issue with the use and disposal of solvents – but there is a solution that can meet legal requirements, increase sustainability and drive cost efficiencies. With large amount of solvents essential to the smooth running and productivity rates of spray guns and the paint spray line, working out what to do with the solvents after use is an expensive and relentless paint shop task.

The 5-tonne per year cap is a good incentive to tackle the problem head on, as the £2,500 local authority permit also brings with it tighter HSE controls and a programme of inspections.

Solvent Recycling – The Solution

At Ultrimax, we work with Unic to provide our paint shop customers with a solvent recycling machine that can recycle up to 98% of the solvents that are used in day-to-day operations. With the Unic solvent recycling machine, businesses can move from buying large amounts of solvents to repurposing recycled solvents with dramatic and highly beneficial results.

Solvent recycling demo day   

Benefits of Solvent Recycling with Unic

  • Reduces monthly new solvent purchase
  • Reduced VOC consumption
  • Below-the-limit VOC consumption
  • Reduced on-site solvent storage and associated HSE inspections
  • Reduced specialists’ solvent waste disposal costs

What the Unic Solvent Recycler Can Do for You

As those that attended the demonstration can confirm, the Unic Solvent Recycler is a very powerful machine that can distil solvent in 5-7 hours. This means that you can repurpose solvents within a day, which will be faster than standard delivery times – and cheaper.

The pricing attached to the running of the machine is outstanding, with an outline cost of £3 per 25 litres, including electricity, solvent bag and service. Ultrimax customers that have already installed the Unic solvent recycling machine are reporting a return on their initial investment within the first five months.

How Could Ultrimax Help Me?

As Unic specialists, the Ultrimax team can talk you through your workshop or paint shop set up and recommend which Unic would be most suitable. Unic offer full turnkey integrated systems so you could be recycling solvents and saving money within weeks.

 A Word from Ultrimax’s MD

Gile Hoare, Managing Director of Ultrimax, said, “We are committed to delivering excellence to our Northern Irish and Irish customers alike and the team enjoyed speaking with them at our recent Antrim Solvent Recycling event. Spending time exploring key aspects of the paint spraying process, like solvent recycling, allow us to get an in-depth understanding of the issues in this area that we can help overcome. The Ultrimax brand believes in delivering Total Paint Shop Support and it’s through events like these, we’re able to assess individual situations and help them to develop a response that is targeted to meet their needs. We’re thrilled to share Ultrimax knowledge and expertise and enable our customer to apply it to real situations so that they will have a solution they can count on.”

For more information or to speak to one of our experts, contact us on 0289 902479 or email [email protected]