Ultrimax Expands Presence with New Depot in Antrim and Regional Office in Dublin

Ultrimax, a leading provider of industrial paints, wood coatings and spray equipment, is excited to announce the opening of its new depot in Antrim, Northern Ireland and its regional office in Dublin. After serving customers for 50 years in the UK, this strategic move marks a significant milestone in Ultrimax’s expansion efforts. Bringing its high-quality products and exceptional service closer to customers in Ireland.

Furthermore, the decision to open a depot and regional office underscores Ultrimax’s commitment to better serving its customers. By establishing a local presence, Ultrimax aims to enhance accessibility to its extensive range of paint shop related supplies including consumables, spray equipment and also paints for the industrial and joinery sector. Customers in Antrim, Dublin and surrounding areas can now benefit from quicker turnaround delivery times and Total Paint Shop support.

Our team in Ireland includes Andrew Craig – Business Development Manager, Barry Stewart – Antrim Depot Manager & Ian McKnight – Production Manager.

Total Paint Shop Support

Ultrimax is renowned for offering Total Paint Shop Support and site visits.  Expanding into Ireland further solidifies its commitment to this comprehensive service. From initial product selection, colour matching and ongoing technical assistance, Ultrimax provides customers with everything they need to achieve optimal results in their painting projects and paint shops.

Barry Stewart Warehouse Manager quotes; “Ultrimax’s expansion into Antrim and Dublin represents a pivotal moment for our customers. We’re opening doors to an enhanced service, quicker delivery times and innovative paint shop solutions.”

Strengthening Customer Relationships

The launch of a regional office in Dublin, Ireland’s vibrant capital city, enables Ultrimax to deepen its relationships with customers throughout Ireland. By having a dedicated presence in Dublin, means Ultrimax can provide localised support and streamline communication.

Ultrimax is able to offer personalised solutions tailored to the specific needs to businesses across various industries including joinery, steel fabrication and plant & machinery. Whether it’s assisting with product selection, providing technical guidance, or offering on-site consultations, and is committed to delivering value-driven solutions and ensuring customers are complaint with paint shop regulations.

With a focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and excellence, Ultrimax looks forward to building lasting partnerships with customers in Ireland.

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