Paint draw down

Introducing Colormax® Paint Colour Matching Service in Ireland

At Ultrimax, we understand the importance of precise colour matching for our customers’ projects. Whether its refinishing a product or spraying custom kitchen units, achieving accurate colours is paramount. That’s why we’ve enhanced our paint colour-matching system with state-of-the-art Colormax® technology and implemented other improvements along with our expert paint technicians, to ensure our customers receive flawless colour accuracy every time.

How Does Colormax® Work?

Our Colormax® system ensures that every colour match is spot on, providing you with the perfect shade every time. Here’s how it works:

  1. Send us a Sample: Send a small sample of the substrate to our Antrim Depot. You can also email us at [email protected] or call our Antrim depot on 028 95902479.
  2. Specify Colour Details: When ordering your paint, specify the colour name and number.
  3. Colour Scanning: Our paint technician scans the colour from your sample using our state-of-the-art spectrometer, integrating it into our formulation software.
  4. Paint Mixing: We mix the paint and perform a drawdown of the paint. We adjust the tint if necessary to achieve the precise shade.
  5. Ensuring Accuracy: We ensure that the colour matching is within a tolerance of Delta E 0.3 or below, resulting in a very close-to-perfect match.
  6. Record Keeping: The drawdown colour card is stored and filed in our database for future colour matches.

We use both white and clear bases depending on the colour requirements. For lighter colours, we use a white base to ensure better coverage and a sensible match. For darker colours, we use a clear base, which requires fewer pigments and allows for a quicker, more efficient match.


Our Range of Tintable Paints

We offer a variety of tintable paints to meet diverse needs:

  • Water-Based Paints: Sayerlack Water Based Topcoat Matt – At99.
  • Polyurethane Paints: Sayerlack 2Pk Polyurethane Topcoat Matt – TZ99.
  • Acid-Catalysed Paints: Colormax® Acid Catalysed Topcoat with Hardener.
  • Pre-Catalysed Paints: Colormax® Pre Catalysed Wood Topcoat.

Partnership Spotlight: Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture

At Ultrimax, we have several partnerships within both the UK and Ireland, providing high-quality paint colour matching. One notable partnership is with Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture, based in Coagh, Northern Ireland. We regularly provide paint colour matching for various joinery projects, including custom kitchens and bespoke wardrobe fits. In addition to colour matching, we support them by regularly providing a variety of consumables. This collaboration helps streamline their processes and ensures they receive the best technical advice and timely product delivery to avoid any delays in their paint shop.

Click here to read more about our partnership with Daniel George Kitchens by Inspired Furniture.

Comprehensive Support and More Information

Ultrimax is committed to offering total paint shop support in Ireland. Our enhanced services and products ensure that you get the best results for your projects. Whether you need precise colour matching, high-quality paints, or various consumables, we’ve got you covered.
For more information about our Total Paint Shop support in Ireland and the range of products we offer, feel free to contact us. Alternatively, you can download our brochure for detailed insights into our services.

In summary, with Colormax® and our commitment to continuous improvement, Ultrimax stands out as a reliable partner for all your paint and colour matching needs in Ireland. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver perfect colour matches and comprehensive support, ensuring your projects run smoothly and efficiently every time.

Contact our Total Paint Shop Support team for more information about our Colormax® service.